Top Construction Materials in the Philippines 2024

list of top construction materials philippines

Planning to build your dream house? Or just laying a draft for a renovation project? Whatever it may be, you should be informed about the best construction materials available and suitable for the Philippine climate.

Below is a detailed look at four of the best, always available construction materials for houses in the country.


The ultimate combination of aggregate, water, and cement gives us the most common construction material – concrete.  Rocks, gravel, or sand can be the aggregate, and this mixture can be shaped and left to harden.

Concrete can be really flexible and can be formed into multiple shapes and sizes. This is why it is one of the most used construction materials in the archipelago. Most residential houses use concrete as the foundation due to its strength and durability.

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concrete and other masonry products


Wood is a good construction material because it’s lighter compared to concrete and easily available.  It can be combined with other construction materials like other metal products and bricks to achieve a modern and vibrant look.

Wooden houses are commonly seen in the provincial areas where it is much greener, producing a perfect synergy between houses and nature.  Although this type of material is prone to damage due to termites, it is undoubtedly a favorite material when constructing a modern house that has a taste of the classic material.

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Doors and Jambs

Steel or Metal

Steel can be embedded in the concrete or become the foundation itself. This is what steel can give a house builder.

Most residentials embed steel in concrete to make the house foundation. Steel products may also serve as a roofing material, like steel roof, purlins, and trusses. Steel in the country is used like these – to support walls, roofs, and the base of structures. Also, steel can be easily bought anywhere.

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Roofing and Insulation needs


Usually formed from clay, Bricks are easy to use as there are already pre-shaped brick products that can easily be stacked. Bricks are suitable for dry climates and very popular in the country as it creates a smooth design. Just look for bricks that are weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and more durable. They are readily available in the market franchise.  Due to its classic, artistic and cozy vibes, bricks have become a staple component in several houses and other structures.

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Bricks and other finishing products

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