How Much Are Hardware and Construction Supplies in the Philippines?

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You must be planning to build a house in the Philippines as you were looking for a reference in hardware construction supply prices. Worry not! I will gladly share the information I gathered from building our house late last year, 2020.

As a disclaimer, prices vary depending on the supplier, location, and market status so this information will just provide a rough estimate. This should be enough though to give you an approximation of how much your budget for the commonly used materials must be around. It should be enough to equip you with working knowledge on the coming construction days 😉

Supplies Approximate Price
Sand ₱75.00 – ₱1,020.00
Gravel ₱85.00 – ₱1,750.00
Cement ₱215.00
Hollow blocks ₱15.00 – ₱20.00
Plywood ₱480.00 – ₱1,350.00
Good Lumber wood ₱107.09 1/2x2x12 (s4s)
PVC pipes ₱57.00 – ₱83.00
Paint ₱375 – 450 (flat latex) ₱560 – 620 (gloss) ₱540 – 610 (semi-gloss) ₱480 – 630 (enamel)
Steel ₱110.00 – ₱775.00
Roof (long span) ₱865.00 – ₱4,720.00

Our agreement with the foreman was that labor costs are proportional to how much the materials are. Hence you can also arrive at an estimate of how much manpower will cost using this list.

To give you an overview of how price increases are behaving for the past year, I grabbed the below data from PSA:

Looking at their relative annual rates in February 2021, hikes were higher in the following commodity groups:

  • Carpentry materials, with 1.5%
  • Masonry materials, with 1.7%
  • Painting materials and Related Compounds, with 0.8%
  • Miscellaneous construction materials, 1.1%

The annual change of CMRPI (Construction Materials Retails Price Index) went up by 1.2% last March 2021 after a constant downward streak from December 2020. The recorded annual rate in March 2020 was at 0.9%, so we can see a higher price hike for the current year.

I am no economist but considering the increase in selected hardware and construction supply prices you should keep a decent allowance on your budget if you will start building this year. I also recommend price canvassing if your schedule will permit. Remember, breaking the bank is not necessary when building your dream house in the Philippines. House Construction Home Builders Bulacan Laguna Rizal Cavite Metro Manila Batangas Building Contractors. Good luck!

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