• Multipurpose Glass Display Rack for your necessity

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    Get your stuff to organize with the 45s!

    It’s a no joke that this glass display rack frees up your spaces. It brings us many joyous things that you can choose from: People sporting to different kinds of display racks- consequently, it’s simple, yet not overly expensive for your aesthetics.

    Close enough from gathering your ideas.- here you are, browsing inspiration. And A really fun way to include the sari-sari store item that’ll benefit you, and draw shoppers’ attention!

    We know that you are curious. Here are the desires:

        • Showcase your product in different spaces

        • Product organization for better presentation

        • Encourage impulse buying

        • It gives your store a neat appearance

    All we know is that you’re looking for the specs Here it is:

        • 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ Tubular White

        • Lockstile White

        • 1/4″ THK Clear Glass

    Note: Manual provided upon delivery 

    P.S. A 6mm clear glass display rack

    P.P.S Photo of two glass display rack is for visual presentation only. Keep in mind that the product price is per piece only.

    Reach out to find more of this. Because we know you are imaginative

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