• DAVCO Standard Tile Adhesive

    0.15 Cashback

    Is an economical thick or thin bed (TTB) cement-based tile adhesive, ideal for laying the following tile types: ceramic tiles, baked clay tiles, quarry and most monocottura tiles unto interior and exterior walls and floors.


    • Can be used for internal and external floors, internal walls (please consult us depending upon the size)
    • Easy to use, just mix with water or DAVCO Davelastic
    • Non-toxic, non flammable
    • Easy mixing and tiling, saves time and costs

    Packaging: 25kg bag

  • Lanko Skimcoat

    0.25 Cashback

    Davco Lanko Skim Coat Smoothing Render is a pre-blended powder that only requires
    mixing with clean water for repairing surface defects in concrete or render. A smooth
    surface is obtained by eliminating blemishes such as grooves, seams, fine cracks, blow
    holes and rock pockets.

    *15kg bag of Lanko Skim Coat Smoothing Render covers approximately 1.3 kg/m2

    0.3-4mm thickness
    Set Time
    Final set time 2 hours

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