• wallMASTER® Masonry Cement

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    wallMASTER® is the country’s most advanced masonry cement. It is enhanced with LIGHT MICRO-FILLER TECHNOLOGY® that produces lighter plaster and smoother finish.
    It is a Type N masonry cement that fully complies with the requirements of Philippine National Standards (PNS) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) C91 standards.
    The power of LIGHT MICRO-FILLER TECHNOLOGY® (LMT) allows it to fill in the smallest voids and pores — resulting to a smooth finish that can withstand cracks due to shrinkage.
    wallMASTER ® is the ideal partner of industry experts as it values workability, efficiency and productivity. It speeds up masonry works because of its sticky plaster, ease of use, and excellent coverage with reduced chances of rework.

    Characteristics: Micro-fillers fills in pores | Lighter and stickier plaster | Regulates hydration and drying | Smooth finish | Ease of use, faster works | Minimizes cracking due to shrinkage

    Application: Plastering, Laying of concrete hollow blocks and various masonry units, Filling of concrete hollow blocks & Spraycreting (Houses, Buildings, Ideal for general concrete applications, Walls, Fence & Floor Toppings)

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