Material Review ” Types of Cement” by Engr. Ruben T. Quintal Jr.

In this video Engr. Ruben Quintal Jr. will discuss the different types of cements and their usage. The correct cement to be use when doing construction.

Type of Cement:

  1. Type 1 – Normal portland cement. Type 1 is a general use cement.
  2. Type 2 – Is used for structures in water or soil containing moderate amounts of sulfate, or when heat build-up is a concern.
  3. Type 3 – High early strength. Used when high strength are desired at very early periods.
  4. Type 4 – Low heat portland cement. Used where the amount and rate of heat generation must be kept to a minimum.
  5. Type 5 – Sulfate resistant portland cement. Used where the water or soil is high in alkali.

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