Hardware: What is it Good For?

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In the industry of construction, hardware refers to a group of metal equipment distinctively used for a structure’s decoration, protection, and convenience. Building products are commonly the materials that support this process to make them work, thus, it does not make any part of a building. These products usually support fixtures like cabinets, windows, and doors — some of which are visibly used in our daily lives: door hinges, handles, knockers, numerals, and letter plates. Hardware usually comes in forms of brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and iron. In the sense of buildings, described by a national online hardware construction supplier, Top-Most Hardware (2020), this refers to the metalwork bits necessary to operating structures:

  • Furniture hardware are those products that are used to enhance the furniture durability, design and appearance. Furniture hardware products include furniture frames, furniture legs, furniture arms, hooks, etc.
  • Bathroom hardware basically includes the products — such as holders, showers, faucets, shelves, and mirrors, etc. — that are used in constructing and maintaining the bathroom appearance and decoration.
  • Plumbing hardware products are used for supplying water continuously throughout the building using hose, pipes and tubes. The most common materials used in this hardware, like copper, aluminum, steel, and PVC, are highly corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures to safely maintain its state
  • Door hardware products mainly function as door decoration, maintenance. These door products include handles, levers, fasteners, hinges, stoppers, closers, number plates, door viewers, knockers, weather-stripping, etc.

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  • Window hardware are smaller components, excluding the window itself, which are used to install, fix, and protect the equipment. Materials involved are window extrusions, fasteners, latches, handles, locks and many more.
  • Cabinet hardware products may come in forms made out of metals, glasses and plastics. This hardware uses fasteners, handles brackets, latches, catches, hinges, sliding guide, and much more. 
  • Curtain hardware includes products like curtain rings and hooks mostly made out of aluminum, iron, or plastic, and used to hang curtains at doors or windows.

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Article Source: Builders Hardware | Wikipedia Org

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